Elon musk turns X into a streaming platform


Elon Musk, the billionaire proprietor of X (formerly Twitter), has grown X into a streaming platform, allowing users to livestream motion pictures and interact with their community via chat.

The new feature, which is available on laptops, was unveiled on August 4, 2023, staying true to Musk’s promise that customers could soon get the choice of chatting even while looking at a livestream.

“You requested, we listened: chat is now available on computing devices for live pronunciations,” X Stay’s Twitter deal with read

Musk himself had tested the stay streaming function in early October 2023, while he logged in to X with an exceptional take care of and started out an hour-long stay circulate of himself playing Diablo IV.

At the beginning of the livestream, Musk might be seen talking to individuals who joined in, asking them about the audio quality, display screen visibility, and so forth. As soon as human beings confirmed that they are able to certainly see and hear musk, he gave a bit of a laugh and started playing the sport.

Towards the end of the livestream, Musk also stated that only Twitter Blue subscribers can take advantage of the chat alternative during the livestream. Human beings can also stream the video livestream and run it in photo and image mode while surfing Twitter.


Musk’s love for gaming is properly documented. Walter Isaacson’s biography of the billionaire exhibits that Musk’s gaming obsession started when he turned thirteen and the way he created an online game and sold it to a mag at that age.

The ebook additionally contains a quote by his ex-female friend Grimes, who recalled how Musk stayed up playing Elder Ring till five in the morning after he offered to buy Twitter.

Musk’s choice to turn X into a streaming platform is seen as a way to compete with different famous streaming structures like Twitch and YouTube. It remains to be seen how X will fare in the competitive streaming market; however, Musk’s track record of success indicates that he has an excellent threat of making X a prime player in the space.

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